Do you really need a professional interventionist?

A drug intervention process can be quite challenging for both you and your loved one. The goal is to convince the person with the addiction to accept that he/she has a problem and should consider getting help.

For best results, you may need the support of an experienced interventionist. Take a look at some of the main advantages of hiring one.

Why Get a Professional Interventionist?

Here are some of the benefits that come with hiring a professional.

1. Professional Service

Interventionists are certified and trained in the field of counseling and intervention. Most of them have taken up additional degrees in psychology and are, therefore, licensed psychologists.

Interventionists understand the strenuous period of addiction denial. Their expertise allows them to patiently talk to your loved one to accept and be accountable for their addiction. They have the perfect response if the addict becomes overly emotional.

It’s also less stressful when an interventionist takes up the reins. They’ll teach you all you need to know about the addiction process.

2. Third Party Approach

A professional interventionist is the third party in the intervention.

They aren’t tied to the affected person emotionally or financially. This allows them to offer a non-judgmental approach during the process.

Unlike a friend or a family member, they give truthful, straightforward information without sugar-coating it. The professional moderates the intervention especially when tensions run high between the family members and your loved one. Having a professional intervene helps create healthy boundaries.

If a family member or friend chooses to take up the role of an interventionist, the victim may feel attacked or targeted. DIY interventions may potentially make matters worse and slow the healing process.

3. Thoroughly Assesses the Situation

Professional interventionists usually conduct several assessments to identify the type of addiction and how to approach the problem. They’re able to provide detailed information about the addict’s condition.

The assessments help them choose appropriate strategies to handle the intervention and eventually deal with the addiction problem.

4. Provide Suitable Treatment Options

The ultimate goal for an intervention is to get your loved one treated. A professional will provide you with credible and comprehensive treatment options.

They’ll take you through the process of choosing the right rehab facility that’ll benefit your loved one. It’s advisable to have your loved start treatment immediately after the intervention before they change their minds.

5. Added Support

The process of staging an intervention can be quite nerve-wracking.

Getting a substance abuse intervention specialist offers useful support to the family. They educate the family about addiction, the experiences of the addict, and the steps taken in the recovery process.

These specialists lead the intervention, easing the emotional burden. They’ll also help you in some intervention activities like writing the intervention letter. Having a specialist helps avoid any missteps. They know what to do to avoid prolonging the addiction or making the situation even worse.

How to Choose a Good Interventionist

Before you get a substance abuse interventionist, do your research! Getting the right specialist is vital to your loved one’s recovery.

Here are factors to consider when hiring one.

1. Certification

The interventionist you get must be certified. They must have met some national requirements like the Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) accreditation. With this certification, you can be sure that an interventionist has met the necessary educational requirements and adheres to a strict code of conduct. It also ensures that the interventionist respects the family’s privacy and confidentiality.

Also, look for a professional with other specialties like psychology. This is especially important if your loved one has some mental health issues.

2. Experience

An intervention requires a partnership between you and the interventionist to get your loved one to treatment.

You need to make sure you have a reliable partner. It’s important to ask potential interventionists about the number of successful interventions they have conducted.

You also need to hire someone specialized in an area you’re in need of. This means getting a professional who has handled an intervention involving the same drug your dear one is addicted to. It increases the success rate because the specialist has a set-out plan and favorable treatment options.

The interventionist should also connect you to a reliable rehab facility. This shows that they have an interest in the long-term recovery of your loved one.

3. Availability

Time is of utmost importance when dealing with drug addiction. You may get the perfect interventionist but he or she may not be available for the next few months due to a busy schedule.

Should you wait?

Keep in mind that addiction is deadly and every minute you waste puts your loved one in danger.

It’s recommended that you hire a specialist who can attend to your needs immediately. You should also look for an interventionist near your area – it’s more effective and affordable.

4. Family Involvement

Addiction is family-related. When your loved one is addicted to a drug, it affects the rest of your family, close friends, and colleagues. So, ensure the intervention process is a group effort.

This is only possible when you choose an interventionist who knows the importance of family and involves them in the treatment process.

This specialist should be able to understand complicated family dynamics and tensions. They can support the family and offer practical solutions to form a better connection.

Get the Best Interventionist in Town!

Hiring the right specialist can be such a daunting task. The right interventionist is strong, sensitive, reliable, and focused on the main goal – the recovery of the addict.

To get the best intervention services from a specialist, contact us today!

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