6 Factors in Choosing the Right Drug Rehab

Choosing a drug rehab can be a process whether it’s for yourself or a loved one. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time looking into drug rehabs or your 5th, there are certain factors to take into consideration. The first step to admitting that you need help is often the hardest, choosing a drug rehab shouldn’t be a difficult decision after that. Here are some of the factors to consider when searching for the right drug rehab.

Is This Drug Rehab Accredited?

Accreditation is a large factor in finding a good drug rehab. For a facility to become accredited they must meet certain criteria and have proper licensing. This means that the drug rehab has been proven and examined by entities such as JHACO which is the Joint Commission for health care. This and accreditations from the Better Business Bureau and similar entities are good indicators when choosing the right drug rehab.

What Levels of Care does this Drug Rehab Offer?

If you or your loved one is seeking a medical detox before continuing to a residential level of care, you need to know what is offered at the drug rehab. Depending on the severity of the substance use disorder, the appropriate level of care is necessary. Keeping clients from transitioning to many different facilities it is beneficial to find a drug rehab that offers multiple levels of care to best suit you or your loved one.

Does the Drug Rehab use Medication?

Many suffering from substance use disorders also suffer from mental health disorders. After clearing the body of substances many in drug rehabs still deal with irregular sleep patterns and lasting side effects like anxiety. These symptoms may require taking non-narcotic medications to help the client get back into a healthy lifestyle. Also, some drug rehabs now use medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. If that is a treatment route that you or a loved one are interested in, make sure that the drug rehab offers that form of treatment.

Does the Drug Rehab Treat Dual Diagnosis Clients?

The mental health aspect of drug rehab is something that some need to have addressed more so than others. Some treatment centers address mental health specifically, alongside substance use disorders. Treating mental health disorders and substance use disorders can make all the difference in you or your loved one achieving long-term sobriety or going through treatment that isn’t as beneficial as it could be.

Examine the Treatment Options Used

Many drug rehabs offer the same kind of treatments such as group therapy, individual therapy and some form of case management. What kind of treatment do they specialize in? Some drug rehabs specialize in trauma therapy such as EMDR, or use music therapy in their curriculum. If you’re looking for a specific therapy, check to see if that drug rehab uses that specific method if it will benefit you or your loved one’s recovery.

Does the Drug Rehab Offer Aftercare?

Some drug rehabs only offer a certain levels of care such as residential or detox. Find out what aftercare options are available, are they affiliated with any aftercare programs or offer an aftercare group for alumni from their program. Aftercare has been proven to be extremely beneficial for maintaining sobriety after completing the initial treatment program. Drug rehabs often work alongside either another facility where they refer clients to for differing levels of care such as IOP or OP levels. Distinguishing this at the beginning of searching for a drug rehab can lessen the burden on you or a loved one when the designated time in treatment is coming to an end. Knowing the next step after seeking a drug rehab is crucial in making transitions as easy as possible.

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