5 Step Guide On How To Have An Intervention

How to do an intervention – Experts have devised a step by step guide on how to have a drug intervention or alcohol intervention for your loved one. Sometimes, if your loved one is not voluntarily ready to change their lives by going through drug and alcohol treatment, a more confrontational approach.

Step 1

Educate Yourself

If you are not familiar the disease of drug addiction or alcoholism, it is a good idea to read online to better understand what your loved one is experiencing. A few such resources can include:

  1. Your primary care doctor
  2. samhsa.gov
  3. al-anon.org
  4. nar-anon.org
  5. The Intervention Now Intervention Help

Step 2

Talk To A Professional.

Don’t do this alone. Get the help you need by hiring a certified intervention professional. This person can help coach you and your family, and anyone else involved in the drug intervention, moderate the intervention, as well as coordinate treatment services and aftercare for your loved one. It is important to have a professional involved so they can monitor emotions from getting out of hand during such a sensitive time. Find a professional interventionist near you.

Step 3

Write Intervention Letters

An intervention letter can play a vital role in the intervention process. Your drug intervention specialist will show you examples and give you bullet points as to what to include in a letter. These letters, also referred to as impact statements, should describe what the person’s using and behavior has done to you, personally. These statements should come from the heart, and be honest, yet always coming from a place of love. Attacks or nasty wording can turn the addict away from listening to your words and instead focus on your tone. These intervention letters will help you communicate how the person dealing with addiction has harmed the people closest to them.

Reading these impact statements or intervention letters during the actual intervention can become really emotional, and pull up long-standing feelings for you, your family, and the individual suffering. This is where a drug intervention specialist can help you review your letter to make sure it is nonconfrontational, and during the intervention process, moderate communication to go in a positive direction.

Step 4

Have A Plan

Your hired drug intervention specialist will provide you with options for treatment when they plan the intervention with you and your family. You can learn about how to choose a rehab facility and communicate what you think will benefit your loved one.

It is extremely important you have everything coordinated with the treatment center prior to your intervention. An addict or alcoholic can quickly change their mind about wanting help so your drug intervention specialist will advise you to move quickly after the intervention.

There is always hope, no matter the depths your loved one’s addiction has gone too. Don’t suffer alone. Our professional interventionists have been helping families overcome addiction and alcoholism together for years. We can help you too.

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